1st Year Computer Science Chapter 2 Information Networks Notes MCQs

computer 11th notes Chapter 2

1. ____ is not a category of network


2. Which layer of OSI model is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and managing connections between communicating devices?


3. OSI reference model has:


4. Which is one not a de jure standard ?


5. How many pairs of computers can simultaneously communicate on the Ethernet LAN ?


6. ____ layer of OSI model controls transmission of data in the form of bits over the transmission medium such as cables etc


7. The layer that is uIsed to control how a bit-streams of data is sent and received ovethe physical medium is called:


8. In a typical LAN, each computer on the network is connected through:


9. Terminal is a


10. Which of the following is not a type of protocol ?


11. The layer lies between the network layer and the application layer.


12. The process of sharing information among various members of workgroup through computer network is called


13. Which one can be used to connect two dissimilar network?


14. ____ networks covers a short distance?


15. The primary difference between LAN and WAN is ?


16. A network  that covers a large geographic distance such as a country is ?


17. ____ is LAN protocol


18. All nodes are connected to a single cable in a


19. FDDI is a


20. The primary difference between a LAN and a WAN is:


21. Project 802 defines standard for which layers of the OSI model


22. A device used to cannot two computer lying in same office is called ?


23. Which layer of OSI is responsible for transmitting data in the form of bits?


24. The layer that is responsible for flow control and ensuring messages are delivered without error free is called:


25. The services on the lnternet include: 


26. —is a governing body that approve the network standard


27. A set collection of a large number of computers all over the world connected to one another is called:


28. A network that covers a large geographic distance such as a country is called


29. The physical layout of LAN is ?


30. Which one represents the shape of network?


31. Which protocol is used to access internet?


32. Which layer of OSI is responsible for determining the best route from source to destination?


33. A network places all nodes on a single cable is called ?


34. Which of the following is not a category of network ?


35. FTP facility is used to:


36. The software used for workgroup computing is called


37. Which problem occurs when to workstarion on sherd ethernet try to success LAN at the same time ?


38. The act of listening to the medium for a message is called:


39. More computers connected to hub computer is called ?


40. ____ topologies uses ARCnet protocol?


41. The layer that defines the formats the data uses as it in transmitted on the communication line is called: 


42. Terminal is a:


43. The Internet is an example of


44. Which is an example of DeFacto standard ?


45. Which Communication Media is used in LAN?


46. is used to connect a computer in LAN


47. Which of the following topology users routers ?


48. Companies that used network can save time and money because networks allow users to share ?


49. The technology of long distance communication is called ?


50. At which layer of OSI packets are converted into frames?


51. At which layer of OSI frames are converted into bits?


52. Which topology uses token passing scheme?


53. standards were properly researched, designed and finally published as a standard


54. A collection of related web pages is called:


55. ____ is not a network device


56. Cabling on a linear bus topology can be extended using which of following


57. A network that covers a limited geographic distance such as an office is called: 


58. The larger computer to which the terminal or PC is attached is called


59. Which LAN access method resolves the contention between two or more nodes by collision detection?


60. The communication across WAN occurs using:


61. Which is the most common LAN topology for microcomputer LAN ?


62. Which of the following is a component of LAN ?


63. A network that covers a limited geographic distance such as an office is called ?


64. Which of the following is NOT a benifit of computer networks ?


65. ____ network topologies is formed by using multiple star topologies


66. The act of listing to the medium for a message is called ?


67. People on LAN can share:


68. In a node listens to the bus for specified time and waits until the node has completed the transmission:


69. Which one is a network model?


70. One or more computers connected to hub computer is a(n)


71. What layer of OSI is responsible to convert segments into packets?


72. A network that transmits data over citywide distance faster then LAN ?


73. NIC stand for ?


74. Which network model consists of many clients and one or more central  computers?


75. Which of the following is NOT a type of protocol?


76. How many layers of OSI model?


77. Which one is not a network topology?


78. A computer network must contain at least this number of computers ?


79. What layer of OSI does data compression


80. Which one connects two similar network segments?


81. Which of the following is a LAN protocol ?


82. Software to use internet


83. Which is not related to LAN


84. The mostly commonly used LAN protocol is ?


85. Which protocol is not a LAN protocol?


86. Which one is an example of De-Facto standard?


87. Which of the following is an internet protocol ?


88. NIC allows direct connection to ?


89. Which one is the top most layer of OSI model?


90. The set of rules to exchange data is called


91. The set of rules to exchange data in a communications network is called:


92. A collection of computers connected together is called ?


93. Which one is the bottom most layer of OSI model?


94. The physical layout of a network is known as:


95. A device used to connect similar networks is called:


96. Which one is dedicated server?


97. ____ is not a LAN protocol


98. BUS topology uses       protocol.


99. The network architecture that allows every computer to act as server is 


100. The companies that use networks can save time and money because networks Allow users to share:


101. How many types of network standard are there:


102. A network that covers a single city is called


103. What type of network is internet ?


104. ____ media is used in low cost LANs


105. The media Access Control Sub-layer resides in which layer


106. A set of documents stored on computes permanently connected with Internet is


107. A device that is used to connect two computers using telephone line is called:


108. A lab with twenty computers and a laser printer is an example or ,area network.


109. Two dissinmilar networks can be connected by a:


110. In WAN the communication software that allows a personal computer to appear as terminal is called ?


111. ____ media is used in LAN


112. Each computer on a network is called ?


113. What layer of OSI is responsible for breaking data into segments?


114. What layer of OSI provides network services to the user application?


115. Many networks include a central computer called:


116. ____ is used to connect two computers via telephone line


117. A LAN is a combination of


118. FTP stands for:


119. A device is that used to cannot two computers via an ordinary telephone line is ?


120. OSI model was created by:


121. ____ network topologies uses the token passing scheme


122. Network standards were developed without any formal planning


123. Central computer in the network is called


124. A LAN is combination of ?


125. In which network model all computers have equal status?


126. Which LAN access method allows multiple devices to talk at the same time and protocol determine the priority of a device?CSMA/CS


127. ____ protocols is associated with IBM, which works on the concept of a ring network and a token?


128. A collection of computers connected together to share resources and informationcalled:


129. Topology that is used for a small number of computers is called ?


130. Many network include a central computer that may be called ?


131. Computer networks are the convergence of two important technologies: 


132. Which of the following is not a LAN topology ?


133. What do we call a network that covers a limited geographic distance such as an office?


134. Which layer of OSI is responsible for flow control?


135. MAN stand for ?


136. A LAN protocol in which all computers and devices on the network pass a special signals known as


137. Layer that is responsible for transferring frames is:


138. LAN stand for ?


139. In traditional LAN each computer on the network is connected through ?


Short Questions

1. Briefly describe early history of evolution of Internet.
2. Define bridge?
3. Define dedicated server?
4. Define Networking Concepts, Uses of Networks and Network Models.
5. Define OSI Model and explain any THREE layers.
6. Define OSI Model and explain lower layers.
7. Define OSI Model and explain upper layers.
8. Define the term “Extranet”?
9. Define the term client?
10. Define the term network topology?
11. Describe dedicated carver?
12. Describe NIC.
13. Describe OSI Model.
14. Describe Uses of Networks.
15. Describe www.
16. Differentiate between a Bridge and Gateway.
17. Differentiate between a De Facto and De Jure standard.
18. Differentiate between a Intranet and Extranet.
19. Differentiate between bit and byte?
20. Differentiate between LAN and WAN.
21. Differentiate between WAN & MAN.
22. Explain Application Layer of OSI Model
23. Explain Bus Network Topology with Diagram.
24. Explain Data Link Layer of OSI Model
25. Explain Email and its benefits over other communication methods.
26. Explain Email with its benefits.
27. Explain Hybrid network.
28. Explain Internet.
29. Explain LAN’s Protocols.
30. Explain Mesh Network Topology with Diagram.
31. Explain Network Layer of OSI Model
32. Explain Network Topologies.
33. Explain Network.
34. Explain Physical Layer of OSI Model
35. Explain Presentation Layer of OSI Model
36. Explain Ring Network Topology with Diagram.
37. Explain Session Layer of OSI Model
38. Explain Star Network Topology with Diagram.
39. Explain TCP/IP.
40. Explain Transport Layer of OSI Model
41. Explain Tree Network Topology with Diagram.
42. Explain useful components of Internet.
43. Explain Workgroup Computing.
44. How Uploading and Downloading are related ?
45. List seven layer of OSI Model?
46. MAN Stands for What?
47. State some uses of LAN?
48. State the purpose of data link layer?
49. State the purpose of transport of layer?
50. What do you know about Gopher?
51. What is ARCnet.
52. What is Bus Topology?
53. What is Clint/server network model?
54. What is CSMA/CD.
55. What is DSL.
56. What is Ethernet.
57. What is FTP?
58. What is gateway?
59. What is Gopher.
60. What is groupware?
61. What is internet?
62. What is ISDN.
63. What is ITU-T ?
64. What is ring topology?
65. What is router?
66. What is star topology?
67. What is Telnet ?
68. What is Terminal Emulation Software.
69. What is the difference between Client / Server and Peer-To-Peer network ?
70. What is the purpose of network layer?
71. What is Token Ring.
72. What is WWW?

Long Questions

1. What is the difference between LAN and WAN?
2. What method does an Ethernet network use to control access to the network?
3. What is Topology? Describe the types of topology.
4. Describe the OSI Model and types of layers of OSI Model.
5. Difference between Intranet and Extranet.
6. Difference between FTP and HTTP.
7. What is www?
8. Define the gateway and router.
9. Define the term “Operating System” in your own words?
“10. Describe the function of
(i) Dedicated Server Network
(ii) Peer – to – Peer”
11. What is a network? Describe different types of networks.
12. What is internet? Describe its history and uses.
13. What are network standards? Describe the types of network standards.
14. What are network protocols? Describe different network protocols.

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