1st Year Computer Science Chapter 10 Fundamentals of the Internet Notes MCQs

computer 11th notes Chapter 10

1. Websites are hosted on   computers on the Internet


2. Initially, ARPNET has only- ____ hosts


3. The computers on the Internet that contain the web sites are called


4. Which of the following protocol is used to access web pages on World Wide Web?


5. The globe has become a global village, due to


6. The computer that stores email message until it is retrieved by the user is called:


7. Which of the following is an Internet protocol?


8. ____is an e-mail client


9. Which one represents the top level domain?


10. Which of service of Internet is used to transfer files


11. The length of IP address is


12. A collection of millions of computer connected to one another is called:


13. A computer can be linked to the internet through


14. When DARPA established a small computer network?


15. Who owns the Internet?


16. Web pages are linked together using?


17. The types of files that can be attached to an e-mail message include:


18. FTP stands for


19. If “Yahoo.com” is a domain name, then what will be the top level domain?


20. A collection of millions of computers interlink to one another is called


21. A domain name is the text version of:


22. The process of transferring a file from a remote computer to our local computer is called


23. The four numbers in an IP address are called


24. Junk email is called:


25. The process of transferring a file from our own computer to the remote computer is called


26. A computer can be linked to the Internet through


27. The high-speed connections that form the major pathways of the Internet is called


28. A type of IP address that does not change frequently is known as?


29. TCP/IP stands for


30. A file that is sent along with an email is known as:


31. ____protocol is used by news services


32. The USA Defense Department initiated the Internet in:


33. ____ specifies the correct format of IP address


34. In the e-mail address me@pu.edu, the world “me is:


35. How many types of addressing schemes?


36. Copying data from Internet to computer is called:


37. The human readable name assigned to the computer on the Internet is called


38. ____services is provided by Internet


39. Software to use the Internet


40. Sending and receiving messages electronically is known as 


41. DARPA stands for:


42. Web pages are connected to one another using:


43. ____symbols is used in e-mail address


44. The process of launching web pages is called


45. The size of the file that can be attached to an email depends on:


46. ARPA stands for 


47. An unwanted message sent through e-mail is called:


48. A collection of related web pages is called


49. Which of the following is used to find information on World Wide Web?


50. The process of launching a webpage is called:


51. Transferring information from computer to Internet is called:


52. The format of an email address is:


53. ___is a high speed communication line


54. E-mail stands for


55. The system that translates an IP address into an human-readable name is called:


56. ____is used to create web pages


Short Questions

1. Differentiate between IP Addressing and DNS Addressing.
2. Explain any TWO Limitations on Email.
3. Explain Email addressing.
4. Explain Newsgroups.
5. Explain WWW in detail.
6. How Internet Works ?
7. How Search Engine works ?
8. What is URL ?

Long Questions

1. Briefly describe the history of the Internet.
2. Write a not on World Wide Web.
3. What do we mean by Addressing schemes? How many types of addressing is used on the Internet? Discuss briefly.
4. What do you know about Email? Discuss briefly.
“5. Write a note on the following:
• Newsgroups
• Search Engine
6. Discuss limitations on email.
7. How the use of Internet is affecting our society? Give your comments.

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